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The petals and stamens of pear flowers stand for Jungnang-gu, a good place to live in; 川 expresses the will to keep Jungnang Stream clean.

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캐릭터 - 중랑
Character - Jungnang

This is an anthropomorphized pear flower, specifically a pear flower floating on clean Jungnang Stream on a late spring day. Residents of Jungnang-gu hoping for a clean town turned the flower into a sprite who takes after water bubbles and pear flowers of Jungnang-gu.

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BI - Green wave 녹색변화의 중심 중랑
Urban Brand (Bl-brand identity)

This embodies Jungnang-gu, which endlessly grows into an eco-friendly city through harmony with nature by creating a smooth curve with leaves that symbolize green.

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청렴기 - 청렴중랑
Integrity Flag

The flag expresses the nationwide diffusion of a clean image of Jungnang through a pinwheel by symbolizing fresh wind in Jungnang through images of the clean sky and a pinwheel.

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슬로건 - 행복도시 중랑(Happy city Jungnang)
Catchphrase - Happy city Jungnang

This symbol combines a smile and the Korean characters meaning Jungnang. The symbol contains the will of employees of Jungnang-gu Office to make residents smile through active and nice service.

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구꽃 - 배꽃
Flower of Jungnang-gu – Pear Flower

White flowers in groups around Bonghwasan Mountain symbolize the unyielding spirit and niceness of people in Jungnang-gu.

구나무 - 느티나무
Tree of Jungnang-gu - Zelkova

Zelkovas stand for the enterprising spirit of the people in Jungnang-gu since they have been close to people as trees around pavilions and garden trees since the old days, and they also grow fast.

구새 - 까치
Bird of Jungnang-gu - Magpie

Magpies are lucky resident birds that live around people’s houses. They symbolize the new development and hopes of Jungnang-gu.

Official Song – Song of Jungnanga
The song wishes for the safety of residents and a bright future for Jungnang.
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